Dragon’s Den

The last few weeks were very intense. We only came up with our idea two weeks before the Dragons’ Den and we had a lot to work on. We had to specify many things regarding our product. Create an initial design, come up with the name and prepare five minutes presentation. The whole team worked really hard and there were some stressful moments, but we also had a lot of fun.

We went through the Dragons’ Den feedback sheet to make sure we included all of the essential  information. We practised our presentation several times and  recorded it. After watching it for the first time I couldn’t stop laughing. We all looked really stressed and the way we were speaking was very artificial. We looked like machines! The only solution for this was to rewrite the scrip, make it more personal and practice, practice, practice. After many rehearsals we finally felt more relaxed, that also made us look more natural while we were speaking.

Our group, a little bit more relaxed after rehearsals 🙂

whatsapp image 2018-12-05 at 23.43.21 (1)

whatsapp image 2018-12-05 at 23.43.22 (1)


We put a lot of attention on the elevator pitch. Here is an example of the elevator pitch sentence:

For (target customer), who has(customer need), (product name) is a (market category) that (one key benefit). Unlike (competition), the product ( unique differentiation).

We used the above elevator pitch sentence example to create our pitch. We put a lot of emphasis on the problem that contemporary dancers are facing and injuries they experience. Afterwards we presented the unique features of our product. We closed everything in 4 sentences. Short and compact. Short enough to present it in the elevator, while going from the ground floor to the top floor, but contained with all the essential information about our product 😊

Then the big day has arrived. On the day of the presentation we were all very stressed. I remember our lecturer Janja telling us that students get very emotional about their ideas, and I think it happened to us as well. We got really involved in the project and presenting it for the first time felt like showing ‘our baby’ to the world.

We couldn’t use Power Point Presentation or any technological help. Instead, we prepared posters and brought the prototype.

whatsapp image 2018-12-06 at 21.38.28

The stress wasn’t needed at all, as we received  positive feedback. On the top of that judges gave us  essential tips that we will use in the development stage of our product. I’m looking forward to creating our MVP and making our first attempt to sell Dannza in January.

whatsapp image 2018-12-30 at 21.57.26 (1)

At the end, I would like to say a big thank you to Claudia Weaver for taking photos! ❤

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