New Year – New Challenges


Last semester was intense and challenging, but for sure worth the hard work I put in it. Last week we started the new term and I can already feel the weight of responsibilities that await. We were introduced to the new module -Experiencing the Creative Industries. The aim of this module is to get students involved in the ‘live’ practical project or competition brief of a specific creative industry. Therefore, we have been introduced to the ‘New Blood’ D&AD Awards. D&AD is a non-profit advertising and design association created in 1962. Since then they have been inspiring and creating opportunities for designers and creative thinkers as well as ‘stimulating the creative industry to work towards a fairer more sustainable future’(D&AD, 2019).During the years the D&AD Awards earned it’s prestige and today are recognised globally as one of the most important prize in the commercial creativity.

One of the category of the D&AD Awards is the ‘ New Blood’. This category is addressed to young creatives. There is a lot to gain through this competition. The judges created the awards in a form of pencils in different colours: Brown, Graphite, Yellow, White and Black.


The Pencil Awards (Global Association for Creative Advertising & Design Awards,2019)


The Brown Pencil Award is given to all good ideas that have been noticed by judges. It’s the first shortlisted group.

The Graphite Pencil is awarded for hitting there criteria’s a good idea, well executed and relevant to the brief.

The White Pencil is awarded for ideas that use the power of creativity to do good in the world. It has to cover all of the judges criteria and have the element of brining the change to the world

To win the Yellow Pencil the work must me outstanding cover all of the judges criteria.

The Black Pencil is the best of the best and it’s selected from all Yellow and White Pencils. On the top of the prize of £2000 is awarded together with the Pencil.

To get more insight in what is expected from us and to get an idea of the industry standards we watched some examples of previous work. There are some examples of work that I found amusing, funny and inspiring. After watching so many briefs during the class and then at home I have realised one thing. Most of the ideas that were awarded were very simple, but with a twist of innovation. I think it is really hard to achieve, but that’s something I will aim for.

Black Pencil Winner

Mm-Hmm – The National Autistic Society 2017


Graphite pencil Winner

Made By Refugee  – New blood Side Hustle with Adobe 2018


White Pencil Winner

Snap Together for Animals – Respect for Animals Educational Trust 2017


After that we moved on creating our Personal Development Plan. We had to list our strengths , threats and opportunities and areas of development and set out goals. I must admit that I found this exercise very hard. The hardest was to list my strengths. I think I take for granted when I am good at something and I don’t value my skills as much as I should. That’s why I will focus on setting up small goals and rewarding myself for achieving them.



pdp 3

It is hard to start again after the break and think of all of the things that need to be done in the near future.  However, having a plan is essential to achieve goals. I’m looking forward to learn new things and develop myself. 🙂


Things to do:

  • Pick a brief
  • Start research

    References: (2019). D&AD | Global Association for Creative Advertising & Design Awards. [online] Available at: [Accessed 16 Jan. 2019].

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