Bright Ideas Sprint !

This semester started very dynamically. We started working on our first MVP and the preparation for the trade show. We had to make decisions about our logo, finalise the name, pick materials, contact tailors, design the stand… and stay calm. So many decisions to make. I feel a bit overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done, not only for the start-up but also for other modules. The Trade Fair is tomorrow and everything is almost ready. I hope everything will go smoothly. I will write another blog on how it went, very soon. Today, I would like to share the experience of KU Sprint that happened last weekend.

In November we put our idea for the Bright Idea Competition that happens at Kingston University every year. Students from the University send their ideas for a business. During the Sprint weekend we learnt to define how our product creates values for our customer through Value Preposition Canvas. We worked on the ways to generate revenue with business models canvas and found out about several ways of payments. Not to forget about creating our own coffee shop and working on the pitch! Even though, we covered most of the things in the Design Thinking module, it was really good to go over everything one more time and test ourselves.


The organisers prepared many interesting things for us including inspirational speakers and coaches, who gave us individual feedback. For me the most valuable part of the weekend were sessions with coaches. It was exciting because we could share the idea and receive feedback, but also to listen to other people’s ideas. It’s really interesting to see how people think differently and what they come up with! I really enjoyed that.

The most challenging part was the pitch. We have done it before as a team on Dragons’ Den, however this time I was alone! It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but at the same time somehow, it is. I was perfectly fine talking about my idea during the feedback sessions, but when it came to ‘pitching’ I got nervous. This time there was 3 minutes pitch followed by 2 questions from the judges. The alarm went off when I finished the last sentence, so my timing was pretty good. It’s hard for me to judge how well it went, but I was proud of myself that I did it alone.

KU Weekend was a niece experience, I met many inspiring people and pushed myself out of my comfort zone. This was long and challenging two days. I’m proud of all MACE students, who worked hard the whole weekend on their ideas and survived till the end. 😊



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