Advert and Bright Ideas Final

Last week was busy and very exciting! We were preparing for the advertisement. Everything was in making: the studio and the camera were booked, Jo agreed to help us with the filming, my friend Joao confirmed to be in our add, I prepared the choreography and Vivien sent us her beautiful songs, we had the first draft idea ready. Everything was coming together! In the middle of all of this I got a reminder of Bright Ideas Competition Final. Whaaat?!


We haven’t got any message before. I’ve checked the spam box, as we were advised, but it was empty. That’s why this message was a very nice surprise to our team. We got to the Final of Bright Ideas competition, 53 ideas were selected out of 700! I shared the great news with my team and I realised something.. We have to get ready !

That’s what we did! We already had some things prepared from the Dragons’ Den we did in November. We updated few things and shorten the pitch from 5 to 3 minutes. This time we made an effort to look like a team. Each of us had a t-shirt with our company logo. We looked awesome!


The experience of being in the final gave us a lot of positive energy, even though we didn’t win anything. We got a positive feedback from the judges and get a chance to network and talk to even more people about our idea! That was not the only learning point. We also got to see other ideas that were in the final and see which ideas got recognised. I got a better view of what is ‘trendy’ now and what catches the attention of the judges. I found it very interesting.



This amazing day full of excitement went very fast and we had to go back to work. We already had the footage for the advert and we had to edit it. Valentin was in charge of editing and together as a team we were making changes to create the best possible advert. I think each of us had a different idea of how this advertisement should be like, but we tried to compromise. The biggest challenge we faced was the fact that we didn’t have the product and it took us a while to come up with the solution.

After showing our advert in the class we got positive feedback, but there were few things we should improve. Firstly the consistency of the colour of the product that we had on the video confused some people. Regarding the subtitles we could have think more carefully about the words we were using and try to send even clearer message. Some people suggested that we should have explain the problem better and put more attention on the pain that dancers have, but I don’t agree with that opinion. We thought carefully about our customers and knowing that they are dancers they don’t need any more explanation of the problem. I felt like this video should show the solution rather than the problem, should be dynamic and explain how our product works. My main focus was the movement and the music. Something that dancers could enjoy and connect with. Something that would make them feel that this product was created for them. I think we still could improve on that.

Yes, we  won the class Oscars for the best advert! We got a massive chocolate and we got excited like little kids.


Overall I was happy with the outcome. There were some things that didn’t go according to the plan, but we learnt to work with what we have and focus on the good things rather than disadvantages. I was happy with the first draft of the advertisement, but there is still room for the improvement. Once we have the product ready ( hopefully very soon), we will record again and make it even better!


Us in action !


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