Trade fair

Preparing for the trade fair was hard, mainly because  the product wasn’t ready and we felt like we didn’t have enough to put on the stand. After few meetings and a lot of brainstorming we made decisions of what we should present. The feeling I had about our stand on the day of the trade fair was positive. However, when I look back at the pictures the stand looks somehow disconnected. We made sure that the stand looked presentable and clean. Tables were wrapped with a black tablecloth. On the table we had a mannequin wearing our prototype a stand with our logo, a laptop with a google form to collect data and a little flower pot. On the right hand side we had a feedback sheet, where people could give us comments. On the wall at the back we had a photo of me in a dance pose.


What did and didn’t worked ?

Logo & outfits

We put a lot of focus in our logo and I must admit I’m very proud of it. It added freshness and  colour to our stand. This thought leads me to our outfits. We wanted to look presentable and we picked white and black as our main colours. We didn’t quite realise at the time that everything else on our stand were in the same colours: the table cloth was black, the mannequin was white and the prototype was black. I think it made us look ‘sad’.



We used laptop to display the form where people could sign in for updates of our product and give us their suggestions of how much they would be willing to pay for it. However, we quickly found out that they weren’t willing to give their details and they refused to fill the form.


Mannequin looked a bit odd. It did show our prototype and it was handy because people could touch the product, but from the distance it looked like another person on the stand.

Feedback sheet

Feedback sheet work really well, people were happy to leave the comments. Probably because they didn’t have to sign in or give they details.



We placed the poster high up as our strategy was to be visible from the distance, however some people who came to our stand didn’t actually notice it at all. We only realised that when one person asked us why didn’t  we have any indication of dance in our stand?  Our facial expressions were priceless, as for us it was obvious that the poster was there and that people were able to see it.


We had many lovely people coming to our stand and listening about our idea. We got a lot of positive and constructive feedback. I felt comfortable talking about the idea and the product, it felt nice to share it with others.

Looking back at this event I’m realising what didn’t work  and what was good about our stand and our performance. The main problem was that we had an idea in our heads, but we couldn’t  communicate it with people through the stand. We focused more on the verbal communication rather than showing what it is. After presenting our idea on Dragons’ Den and talking to many people about it over and over again we knew it very well. However, we should have put more attention on how to present it clearly. I think it would be much easier if the product was ready, it would have given us more focus on the product rather than the idea itself.

We have just did our first trade fair and another task is already in my head. Preparation for the advertisement! Let’s do this 😊


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