Dragon’s Den


Before the final presentation I was wondering how are we going to show our business in an engaging way  in only 6 minutes? We had to include our research, finance, marketing and sales strategy and of course the problem we are trying to solve.

We pitched few times already and we felt pretty confident with it, however for the final Dragon’s Den we had to change our pitch. We were no longer pitching just the product, we were presenting the whole company.

What makes a good pitch?

  1. Emphasise the problem.
  2. Show your solution.
  3. Say how did you get there.

These are three key points that I use as a structure. However, there is more to make a great pitch.

According to Cummings(2018) there are nine points that take a good pitch to another level:

1. Tell a real customers story.

  1. Pair it down to the essentials.
  2. Outline your business model.
  3. Make sure your presentation is crystal clear to anyone and everyone.
  4. Talk about yourself.

6.Tell us: what have you done lately?

  1. Address competition head-on.

8.Give the numbers that are behind your numbers.

  1. Show your darn product.

As a point no. 10 I would add PRACTICE! The more we practice the more confident we are, it makes us look more authentic and shows that we care.

Our presentation slides were clear and simple and the presentation went well.

Danzza presentation 2
presentataion 6
Danzza presentation 3


Danzza presentation 4
Social media strategy
Danzza presentataion 5
danzza 7
Us in action !

We presented as one of the first teams and we had plenty of time before the verdict was announced. So we took a break and finally we were able to relax. At 6 o’clock all students gathered in the theatre, where judges were about to announce 4 teams who were selected for the semi-final.  We were one of them ! We competed against FitMe, Promazers  and team Renovate.
We pitched again as a first team. I was really nervous, excited and surprised. I didn’t expect this, as I believed that it wasn’t possible to get to the finals without the product. I was wrong. After presentations we were asked two questions: why our product is unique and what would we do with the money if we won £10.000? Each team tried their best and judges went to discuss final verdict. Two teams got to the Young Enterprise Start up National Final. Danzza and FitMe. Yes, we got to the finals! I really couldn’t believe it but I was extremely happy and proud because I felt that all hard work we put in, paid off.

My favourite moment of the semi- final was when we were answering questions. I could feel the pressure, mostly because there were many people listening to us but at the same time I really enjoyed it.

This experience showed me that decisions we made were right, especially the last major one when we decided to stick with our product. We pitched many times and we got better at it. I’ve learnt how to structure a good presentation. I’m going to use this knowledge for upcoming competitions, assessments and in my professional career.



Cummings, C. (2018). 9 Things That Take a Pitch From Good to Great – Bplans Blog. [online] Bplans Blog. Available at: https://articles.bplans.com/9-things-that-take-a-pitch-from-good-to-great/ [Accessed 20 Apr. 2019].


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