Making the video

After I got my concept ready I had to decide how to deliver the idea. I had options either to make two minutes video or prepare eight jpegs. I was tempted to go with the easier path and create jpegs but I had a feeling that the concept was too complex to show it on paper.

DanceNow game includes various dance styles from jazz, ballet, contemporary, modern, commercial, hip-hop and tap, to traditional dances from different cultures around the world like capoeira, flamenco, azonto, kathak. I wanted to show the beauty of those styles  and fully express the dynamic of the idea. The was one problem, I have never made any video. I knew I was going to struggle but I accepted the challenge.

I started with Adobe Spark as I was advised in the feedback. I gathered some pictures and started making the video. Nothing worked. Really. The programme was so basic that my envisioned video couldn’t be made. I had to learn another programme. After, few hours of checking the complexity of different editing programmes with one of my classmates Mustafa, I decided to use Adobe After Effects. I managed to combine some dance videos together to create a collage. That was only the beginning. Overall I used four different programmes to create the video: Adobe After Effects, Canva, WordPress Elementor and the Power Point. Technical problems weren’t the only challenge. While creating the video I had to fit in the branding of NowUnited and DanceOn. NowUnited is a  pop group of 14 dancers and singers. They offer commercial dance videos together with tutorials to learn steps. DanceOn is a global brand for dance entertainment and the largest digital community of professional dancers and choreographers. Platform offers different forms of dances from all over the world on a professional level. My idea merged those two concepts together.

13I created a platform where young people can learn dances from all over the world, starting from basic level. I imitated the atmosphere of the brands in DanceNow website even though it took me quite a while to fully understand how to do that. My first website design looked really boring and unprofessional. My intention was to show the excitement and dynamics but I the result was the opposite.

Here is the progression of my design.


Another important aspect of creating the video were IP rights. As I didn’t have any budget to spent on materials , I had to make sure that all pictures and videos that I downloaded were free to use. I also used my own videos and recorded new ones  to complete the materials I found online.

Making this video taught me a lot. I’ve learnt how to use Adobe After Effects and how to design a website. Things I’ve never done before. I learnt more about branding. Now I understand how important it is to show clearly what’s in my head and also how much work it takes to get there. I’m glad that I didn’t rush and decided not to submit my work for the D&AD competition. It was a hard decision but the right one. I got another 3 weeks to work on the project and I managed to bring it up to the industry standards.


DanceOn. (2019). DanceOn. [online] Available at: [Accessed 28 Apr. 2019].

Now United. (2019). Now United. [online] Available at: [Accessed 28 Apr. 2019].


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