Kaja’s Reflective Essay

As the design thinking module ended and my first ever experience with a start-up is coming to an end, it is a good time to sum up and reflect on this journey. I arrived to the business school as a dancer who did not have much experience in business. Back then, I would not imagine... Continue Reading →

Dragon’s Den

  Before the final presentation I was wondering how are we going to show our business in an engaging way  in only 6 minutes? We had to include our research, finance, marketing and sales strategy and of course the problem we are trying to solve. We pitched few times already and we felt pretty confident... Continue Reading →

Pivot or persevere?

  As a start-up we encountered many obstacles on our way, some of them were easy to deal with while others caused us a lot of stress. In February our product wasn’t anywhere near being ready. We bought fabrics, however we couldn’t get the padding material. The shock absorbent material that we wanted to use... Continue Reading →

What’s gonna work? Teamwork!

  When I think about teamwork I have a ‘Teamwork song’ from Wonder Pets cartoon. A duck, hamster and a turtle sing that whatever the problem is, it can be solved by working as a team. Working in a group can be fun but sometimes can  be also difficult. This semester we spoke a lot... Continue Reading →

Buy or not to buy?

Few weeks ago during one of the classes we were debating what drives people to buy products and where the customers journey begins and ends. Firstly, we  have been given a task to give examples of one thing we purchased recently and say how and why did we buy it? There were many different examples... Continue Reading →

Advert and Bright Ideas Final

Last week was busy and very exciting! We were preparing for the advertisement. Everything was in making: the studio and the camera were booked, Jo agreed to help us with the filming, my friend Joao confirmed to be in our add, I prepared the choreography and Vivien sent us her beautiful songs, we had the... Continue Reading →

Trade fair

Preparing for the trade fair was hard, mainly because  the product wasn't ready and we felt like we didn't have enough to put on the stand. After few meetings and a lot of brainstorming we made decisions of what we should present. The feeling I had about our stand on the day of the trade... Continue Reading →

Bright Ideas Sprint !

This semester started very dynamically. We started working on our first MVP and the preparation for the trade show. We had to make decisions about our logo, finalise the name, pick materials, contact tailors, design the stand… and stay calm. So many decisions to make. I feel a bit overwhelmed with the amount of work... Continue Reading →

Dragon’s Den

The last few weeks were very intense. We only came up with our idea two weeks before the Dragons’ Den and we had a lot to work on. We had to specify many things regarding our product. Create an initial design, come up with the name and prepare five minutes presentation. The whole team worked... Continue Reading →

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