Reflective Essay

This past semester, in the Experiencing the Creative Economy module, I was working on the D&AD  brief. Though, I put a lot of focus into managing the project I also learnt other valuable things on the way. We looked into how to present ourselves and what our body language tells about us, I did several... Continue Reading →

Project management

Throughout the course I have been running various projects, some in the group while others I undertook individually. According to Project Management Institute (2019), project management ‘it's a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product, service or result’. I already had an experience of running different projects throughout my professional career but I never... Continue Reading →

Making the video

After I got my concept ready I had to decide how to deliver the idea. I had options either to make two minutes video or prepare eight jpegs. I was tempted to go with the easier path and create jpegs but I had a feeling that the concept was too complex to show it on... Continue Reading →

From research to ideas.

Delivering brief to the client it’s always a challenge. Especially if we do it for the first time, to the client  we don’t know. During the research process I didn’t have a chance to contact the company and talk to them as it would look in a normal circumstances. Instead, all information had to be... Continue Reading →

Move more, live more, be happier.

For the past month I have been working on the D&AD brief for Rexona. The brief asks to create an inspiring idea to get the world moving. Focusing on men and women aged between 13 and 25. When I first saw the brief I was really excited, I thought it was a perfect opportunity for... Continue Reading →

New Year – New Challenges

  Last semester was intense and challenging, but for sure worth the hard work I put in it. Last week we started the new term and I can already feel the weight of responsibilities that await. We were introduced to the new module -Experiencing the Creative Industries. The aim of this module is to get... Continue Reading →

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