‘Business is growing in you’ Reflective essay

I remember starting the MACE course almost four months ago, without knowing what to expect. Today, when I look back, I can confidently say that I learnt a lot already. Managing a creative business module, not only enriched me with new knowledge, but also changed my perspective on business and creative industries in general. As... Continue Reading →


When we were first introduced to the strategy, the Trojn Horse popped in my mind. I still remember the story from history lesson about guarded by its soldiers and impossible to enter Troy city and Greeks who developed a strategy to conquer the city and end the war. Greeks built a huge horse and left... Continue Reading →

Profit & Loss – financial statements

It is very important for every entrepreneur to understand basic accounting rules in order to predict the success of the business. Knight (2017) presents words of Richard Ruback, a professor at Harvard Business School ‘If you can speak the language of money, you will be more successful.’ The success lies in understanding, even though many... Continue Reading →

‘Product – Me?’ BRANDING

When we think about the word “brand”, the first thing that comes to my mind is business. Companies communicate with customers, by ‘branding’ their products. Therefore, they highlight what to expect in terms of quality of their products and values, their brand image. Before, I didn’t consider myself as a brand but what to do... Continue Reading →

Finding a market need and why the lean start-up?

  In the ‘new venture development’ class we spoke about start-ups. What is a start-up? Eric Ries (2011) defines a start-up as ‘an organisation dedicated to creating something new under conditions of extreme uncertainty’. Our course director Janja Song explained: Any person can transform an idea into a business. It’s easy to say, however it’s... Continue Reading →

Intellectual Property

In weeks 5 and 10 we had workshops with Naomi Korn, the Founder and Managing Director of ‘Naomi Korn Associates’- one of the UK’s leading management consultancies specialised in copyright, data protection and licensing. During those classes, we got an insight in Intellectual Property Rights and we applied them to our own professions as well... Continue Reading →

Advertising !

Nowadays, we experience advertisement in every possible form through every possible channel.  The catchy melodies broadcasted on the radio often chase us for days. Video ads interrupt our favourite songs on YouTube. The colourful banners stare at us, wherever we go. Commercial ads are overwhelming and often quite annoying. Nevertheless, there are some advertisement experiences... Continue Reading →

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